Burnout Prevention & Recovery

Stay energized, happy, & reach you full potential.

52% of employees burn out. But the shocking truth is, it’s not just burnout. It’s a sense of betrayal causing people to leave.

Keep what you’ve worked so hard to create! Learn to manage your feelings of betrayal and achieve long-term happiness and success.

Differentiate burnout from betrayal and get to the root of what's keeping you stuck.

Have you felt less motivated at work or at home, or found yourself thinking, “I just don't want to face another day of this”?

Do you feel disillusioned, cynical or outright resentful over how much you have invested in your career?

Perhaps it's unmet expectations that are leaving you feeling overburdened, let down, and like you'll never be enough.

The surprising, common thread among these experiences is that they often share a root cause—  betrayal.

Whether the source is not receiving equal pay for equal work, an toxic work environment that never seems to change, or the realization that you have spent you life serving a dream that was not your own, unrecognized and unaddressed betrayal is robbing us of our zest, voice, and ability to live our full potential.

You can reignite your passion and engage fully, freely, and confidently at work again – or maybe for the first time ever.

Let me show you how to FUEL UP so you can find motivation and meaning, uncover the root cause of what’s causing your dissatisfaction, communicate and manage your expectations effectively and appropriately, reconnect to laughter, and above all, start making promises to yourself you know you will keep.

Hi there, I’m Lora Cheadle

Former attorney, bestselling author, international speaker, and Life Choreographer®.

Imagine a world where work is no longer a never-ending grind but a path filled with joy, support, and personal growth. Meet Lora Cheadle, a dedicated coach on a mission to guide both organizations and individuals toward conquering burnout and igniting enthusiasm, confidence, and joy.

Let me show you (and the people you work with) how to shift into more joy, more meaning, and vitality. Through the Five Steps of my signature betrayal recovery process FLAUNT!, you will untangle yourself from the past, release judgment, and uncover the power that’s been inside you all along.

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Lora Cheadle inspires audiences to break free from burnout, process betrayal, and reclaim their agency and self-worth.

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