The top 3 ways you betray yourself
every day

and how to stop

Have you ever felt burned out, overwhelmed, or resentful over how unfair work (or life) sometimes seems to be? I’ve been there too, and usually the way you are feeling is not just due to burnout, it’s from betrayal.

Betrayal is the breaking of an expectation that you have relied on that ruptures your view of yourself or the world.

Every time you have sought to please others in hopes of being recognized or getting a promotion, conformed to somebody else’s expectations of who or how you are supposed to be – at the expense of yourself – or sacrificed it all to out-perform everyone and prove your worth, you have inadvertently betrayed yourself.

In The Top Three Ways You Betray Yourself Every Day, I will show you how to:

  • Set healthy boundaries
  • Show up authentically at work as the competent and capable leader you desire to be
  • Validate yourself based on what brings you internal satisfaction
  • Break free from resentment, frustration, and the desire to quiet-quit or walk away from your career so you can find the fulfillment you crave
And in Is it Burnout or Betrayal? I will show you how to:
  • Distinguish between burnout and betrayal
  • Identify, manage, and prevent betrayal in the future

What is it all about?

As a corporate attorney, I did everything I was supposed to do to succeed. I bit my tongue, put up with unnecessarily confrontational situations, toned down my personality in an effort to “act lawyerly,” and sacrificed personal time to work late and stay on top of my game.

Until I realized the only person I was hurting was me. Living at an unsustainable pace, where I handed my power over to others by seeking to please, conform, and out-perform in service of a dream that was not my own, burned me out!

In This Guide, The Top 3 Ways You Betray Yourself Everyday — And How To Stop, you will learn to stop settling for less and hustling for more so you can stay engaged and satisfied at work for the long-haul and reach your full potential, your way!

Considering leaving your job? Unsure if it's burnout or betrayal?

Let's process together on a free discovery call so you can get clear on your options and next steps.

Lora helped me realize my feelings of burnout were really feelings of betrayal. From there, she helped me focus on a solution to resolve the betrayal, both personally and how I interact with the workplace. ​
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